Improve every facet of your front-of-house experience

Touché is a complete and integrated front-of-house solution for Oracle Micros Simphony POS users. We help food & beverage, and hospitality teams boost their operational efficiency and focus on what they do best – delighting their guests.

How it works


Our software integrates directly with your Android payment terminal and POS and PMS (where applicable).


Your bank provides the payment terminals, we add the software to add value and enhance them.


5 customizable modules allow you to create the perfect solution, tailored to your operations and guests’ needs.

Five modules, your choice

Our comprehensive solution consists of a central core module and four optional components, empowering you with a customized solution that's built around your unique requirements.


Order taking

Loyalty program

Room charge

Package access

Our core module


Payments Our core module

Our core module provides all the payment options and functionality you need to delight your guests.

  • Provide and streamline any payment method (cash, cards, mobile, wallets)
  • Retrieve POS checks at the table
  • Enable guests to review check details digitally
  • Split bills any which way and apply discounts effortlessly
  • Boost tips discreetly and automate tip consolidation
  • Update POS and PMS with the details of each payment to automate reconciliation and shift reporting
  • No more merchant receipts staples to check copies
  • Get instant digital receipts right at the table to limit paper usage

The Pay@Table module seamlessly integrates with any of our other four modules, so you can pick the modules that’s right for you.

Optional module

Order taking

Order taking Optional module

Implement flexible order-taking based on your specific needs, by choosing between our full-service (Order@Table) and quick-service (Order&Pay) solutions.

  • Take orders at the table with a mobile solution more efficiently with an intuitive and smart interface
  • Validate the order with the guests before sending to POS
  • Follows the routing already defined on Simphony
  • Add notes for the kitchen easily
  • Add items to an open check without the need to return to the POS workstation
  • Automatically syncs all menu items, modifiers and condiments
Optional module

Loyalty program

Loyalty program Optional module

Loyalty@Table integrates with your loyalty system and automatically applies membership rewards, credits and benefits, improving CX and keeping your guests coming back without breaking the flow.

  • Seamless process integration
  • Recognize loyalty members by reading or scanning their membership card
  • You can automatically apply vouchers, credits and discounts
  • Update Loyalty system with check details
Optional hotel module

Room charge

Room charge Optional hotel module

RoomChg@Table revolutionizes room charges, eliminating paper-based frustration. Our digital solution ensures accurate charges and enhances guests’ experiences.

  • Read room keys
  • Configure multiple hotels to keep the F&B revenue in house across your Group
  • Validate the guest details and their ability to charge to their room
  • Ensure guests are charged for exactly what they consume
  • Automatically update Micros Opera PMS and Simphony POS
Optional hotel module

Package access

Package access Optional hotel module

Effectively manage your package entitlements and consumption (e.g. breakfast) per room to prevent revenue leakage and improve the guest experience.

  • Read room keys
  • Digitally check the package entitlement for the room
  • Digitally check the guest details
  • Digitally manage and track package consumption efficiently
  • Facilitate order creation and payment if needed
  • Prevent revenue leakage during breakfast operations

Brands that trust us

Redefining F&B operations 

F&B managers are faced with a whole host of challenges when it comes to modernizing and meeting the demands of guests in the digital era:

Finding ways to utilize technology to overcome frustrating problems with inefficiency

Empowering service staff through a seamless intuitive process to connect with guests, without impeding them, ensuring an impeccable guest experience from start to finish

Transitioning to an integrated and modern front-of-house system without making a huge time and money investment

Your solution for the new F&B era

Streamlined, more efficient operations

Quick and simple to roll out

Empowers your team to create a memorable guest experience

Increased revenue and profits

Trusted, tried, and tested under the toughest conditions

Streamlined, more efficient operations

Create agile operations to better serve your guests.

Our one-stop solution which is integrated with Oracle Micros Simphony POS (and Opera PMS for hotels), lets you simplify and scale ordering, payments, loyalty schemes (and specific hotel functions such as room charge and package access), and front-of-house service to maximize efficiency and remove operational complexities.

  • No bottlenecks – no more delays when ordering, tipping, splitting, and more
  • Faster service-staff with less distance traveled, leading to improved table turnaround
  • Automated reconciliation slashes end-of-day admin time from an hour to five minutes
  • The only solution that provides digitized room charge and package access control solutions for hotels to streamline and improve these services
  • No more paper

Quick and simple to roll out

Touché requires no CAPEX, lengthy migrations or fuss.

Roll it out quickly, as it easily integrates with your existing IT infrastructure and payment processors. Plus, all our modules work together seamlessly, providing you with a comprehensive front-of-house solution.

  • Onboard your team quickly with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface
  • Avoid CAPEX with payment terminals provided by your bank
  • Leverage your current POS, IT infrastructure, and payment provider (growing list) as we fully integrate with them
  • Roll out Touché quickly without having to worry about migration
  • Scale based on your needs with our flexible SaaS model
  • Customize your solution by only selecting the modules you need

Empowers your team to create a memorable guest experience

Enable your employees to focus on what they do best

The more efficient your team in front-of-house, the more it can focus on giving guests the experience they deserve. Touché enables your employees to focus on what they do best – creating delight throughout the entire guest journey.

  • Enable your team to provide a more engaging guest experience with an efficient, integrated, and mobile solution
  • Give guests the streamlined experience they expect, so they keep coming back and tip more
  • Reduce boring admin work and unnecessary walking steps to boost your team’s well-being and job satisfaction
  • Avoid costly order and bill errors for you and your team

Increased revenue and profits

All-in-one payment solution

Touché’s all-in-one solution enables you to leverage revenue streams that are typically lost through inefficiency of legacy systems. Value is added throughout the entire chain – for you, your team, and your guests.

  • Enhance guest experience to drive repeat business, foster guest loyalty, and achieve long-term sales gains
  • Expand your guest base by offering flexible payment options and bolstering your portfolio to reach previously unobtainable guests
  • Automate processes to minimize errors, resulting in reduced wastage and revenue leakage
  • Boost efficiency to maximize table turnaround and streamline payment processing
  • Remove paper and cost from the entire process and improve your sustainability credentials

Trusted, tried, and tested under the toughest conditions

We understand the complex challenges and pressures you face.

That’s why we offer unwavering support and honest, transparent solutions for your success. Our service showed at the FIFA Fan Festival during the 2022 FIFA World Cup that it handles high pressure and demand with flying colors. Touché created, took payment and closed 3 transactions per second and ensured efficient sales of 300,000 food items over the course of the tournament.

  • Resilient operational agility, minimizing disruptions and ensuring continued operations.
  • Expert support and troubleshooting capabilities from an approachable client support team.
  • Ongoing client collaboration for developing new solutions with updates rolled out automatically.

What our clients and partners are saying

Touché has the functionality and features to radically transform your F&B operation. But don’t just take our word for it…

“Touché improves operations; not just improves, it multiplies the efficiency in the front of house.”

Fernando Revenga, IT Director at La Boca Te Lia

“Touché speeds up and simplifies the ordering and payment process to create a better experience for the guest. We’re really happy to be partnering with them.”

Dewald Lubbe, Senior Product Specialist at TechnoQ

“Touché has helped us to cut the time-to-service time to improve our service. It can be really life-changing for restaurants.”

Lorenzo Demichelis, IT at LùBar

“Touché is efficient and effective. The support is amazing, and I ended up recommending it to our regional office.”

Michael Frydas, Hotel Manager at Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel