A quicker, smarter, more intuitive F&B service

Dining is about more than food – it’s an experience. Touché helps you deliver an experience like no other, with efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility.

Complex F&B restaurant operations need smart solutions

Whether you’re focused on quick service, high-end dining or anything in between, the new challenges of today require a modern solution. So say bye to outmoded and inefficient processes that leave your team frustrated, and give them the right tools to delight guests.

Optimizing F&B operational processes for restaurants

Our integrated front-of-house solution enables you to better run your restaurants’ F&B operations with:

Improved operational efficiency to better serve your guests without paper

Increased revenue through quicker table turnaround and customer retention

Decreased revenue leakage and reworks through tighter operational processes

Empowered team for enhanced guest satisfaction and loyalty

Smarter management with automated shift reporting and reconciliation 

Quick and frictionless roll-out that leverages your existing infrastructure

Global solution with ongoing maintenance and support

How Touché brings streamlined simplicity

Touché is a front-of-house software solution that integrates directly with your existing Android payment terminals and Oracle Micros Simphony POS. 

It consists of a core module – Pay@Table – which can be enhanced with four optional modules to create a solution that best suits your needs.

Enhance and upgrade with our optional modules

Order taking

Order taking

A fluid and flexible order-taking and management platform to enable your staff to take, review, and edit orders at the table, behind the counter, and on the go.

  • Take orders at the table with a mobile solution more efficiently with an intuitive and smart interface
  • Validate the order with the guests before sending to POS
  • Follows the routing already defined on Simphony
  • Add notes for the kitchen easily
  • Add items to an open check without the need to return to the POS workstation
  • Automatically syncs all menu items, modifiers and condiments

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs

Integration with your loyalty system will incorporate this feature in the end-to-end process.

  • Seamless process integration
  • Recognize loyalty members by reading or scanning their membership card
  • You can automatically apply vouchers, credits and discounts
  • Update Loyalty system with check details

What our clients are saying

Touché has the functionality and features to radically transform your restaurant operations. But don’t just take our word for it…

“Touché improves operations; not just improves, it multiplies the efficiency in the front of house.”

Fernando Revenga, IT Director at La Boca Te Lia

“Touché has helped us to cut the time-to-service time to improve our service. It can be really life-changing for restaurants.”

Lorenzo Demichelis, IT at LùBar

“Touché is efficient and effective. The support is amazing, and I ended up recommending it to our regional office because I think that it’s a fantastic solution for the future. It avoids having these large workstations all over the place in our restaurants and stops our waiters from having to go back and forth to take orders and process payments.”

Hotel Manager of one of the largest hotel chains in the world